Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Always Wear Clean Underwear

Always Wear Clean Underwear

I think most moms shared this rule with their children. "Always have on a clean pair of underwear, you never know what will happen."

Well right now I wish my mom had taken her own advice. Without getting into the gruesome details, I'll clue you in on what just happened moments ago. 

The First Mate was playing with his Ride Along With Thomas book (with sounds) and was spinning in circles to the theme song. He stopped and was visibly dizzy and disoriented. He started to stumble and fall, so my mother stepped into help. 

As The First Mate began to fall she bent over to help him. She was wearing her robe, that I actually got her for Christmas. As I came to find out, that's ALL she was wearing. I got a full on view of the organ that birthed me. All of it. 

Another lesson, aside from the clean underwear one, don't move back in with your parents if you'd like to avoid these sorts of situations. I hope I can look her in the face the rest of the day. Then again, that's probably the best place to look to avoid a repeat incident. 



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