Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Citrus Lane July Box: Look at the Loot

Today turned out to be a good day! Our July Citrus Lane subscription box {referral link} arrived. We've been getting them for quite a while now. The First Mate actually recognized the box on the doorstep and he was thrilled to open it. He did a happy dance and chased me as I carried the box. Check out his excitement in the clip below.

Last month's box was a bit of a dud, so this month we a good box was necessary. Well Citrus Lane didn't disappoint! Take a look at what we received in out box geared at a 22 month old boy.

Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Citrus Lane. I do provide a referral link which gets me a $10 credit for anyone who orders a subscription through my link. The Amazon images go through my affiliate link, as I am a member of the Amazon affiliate program.

Citrus Lane Subscription July 2013: 22 month old boy

As always, I'll break down what each item is, the approximate cost, and what I think about the item. 

Melissa & Doug See-Inside Numbers Peg Puzzle

This was the favorite in this month's box for both The First Mate and I. Just days before our box arrived, I mentioned to The Captain that I wanted to get a puzzle just like this for The First Mate. There are adorable little pictures under each number too. I could barely pry it away from my toddler long enough to snap a picture.

Enjoying his Citrus Lane goodies

Zo-Li Sumo Snack Stack

I have been eyeballing a similar item to this at Target for ages. This set of stackable snack cups from Zo-Li are far more superior though. They are made from BPA and phthalate free materials and are a generous size. It will make traveling with snacks so much easier.

me4kidz Cool It Buddy

Now that we are well into the toddler boy phase, there are bound to be boo-boos. These single-use cool packs are perfect for a knock on the noggin or a whatever the injury of the day is for an adventurous kid. They are instant cold packs that require no freezer. Perfect for the diaper bag for ouchies on the go.

GoGo squeeZ AppleBerry Applesauce (3.2 oz) 

On a regular basis The First Mate is too cool for a food pouch. However, he is always excited when they come from Citrus Lane. He eats it right away. These applesauce pouches are a bit smaller than some of the other snack pouches we've tried. That's great because there is less waste when The First Mate decides he is done after just a few sucks.

Postagram Credits worth $10

Usually when a coupon is included in a Citrus Lane box, it just goes into the recycling. This one was a delight to see. I LOVE postagram and have used it on many occasions. I have the iPhone app installed on my phone. Postagram allows you to mail a photo postcard with your own handpicked image to friends or family. The even cooler thing is the postcard is designed so the image pops out and can be saved.

Postagram photo postcard

Altogether the contents of our July box was $38.49! That's a total steal considering a subscription is around $21-$25 a month. You can even pay less than that if you sign up through my referral link. You'll get a $10 credit! If you loved something in this box and want it for yourself, you can purchase it my clicking the amazon links or shopping the Citrus Lane Box section in The Ship Shop Amazon a-store.

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