Monday, July 1, 2013

Pirate's Log - June

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I'm not going to lie, I was a little absent from Pirate Prerogative this month. There was a lot going on with The Captain's birthday, the county fair, starting a new part-time business, a cool new play place opening up, and a whole slew of life getting in the way. This compiles my posts for June so you can easily play catch up.

Pirate's Log - May: I posted a lot in May, so be sure to go back and see what you might have missed.

Diapers for Daddies Giveaway *CLOSED*: A giveaway in celebration of all those cloth diapering dads out there. Giveaways are always a lot of fun and I hope to have some more soon.

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday - June: One of my favorite recurring series! This highlights the craziness that is a toddler.

Thankful Thursdays: Another series on the blog. This one focuses on the things I'm thankful for that week. I like reminding myself to be grateful, it helps soften my cynical soul.

Thankful Thursdays #32
Thankful Thursdays #33
Thankful Thursdays #34
Thankful Thursdays #35

Britax Free Ride Event: We absolutely LOVE our Britax stroller and car seats. Although the event is over, their products are still great.

Make Yourself Uncomfortable: I am embarking on some new business ventures, besides the blog. I heard the suggestion of making yourself uncomfortable and it really resonated with me. I think this can apply to any one's life.

Photo Friday: We had a great month of June with a lot of fun-filled activities. In our full schedule I squeezed in a photo highlight of all the fun things we did. 

Citrus Lane June Box: Look at the Loot: Another month and another Citrus Lane review. This box wasn't our favorite, but it had plenty of summer goodies.

Is it Wrong to Want Right?: I am a bit of an obsessive compulsive control freak, I guess. This post really resonated with people who load dishwashers though. I suggest reading this. It will either make you feel less OCD, or you'll agree with me and feel validated.

Stupid Ponies: Some days just go so bad that you want to hate everything, even four-legged babies of the equine variety.

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