Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesdays - July

If you have never had a toddler of your own, you may not know the hilarity and horridness of their daily behavior. The First Mate is no exception to this rule. Each month I share some of my favorite moments in raising a toddler.

Baby mustache

That's my dapper dude showing off his sweet 'stache (with a little help from mom). He isn't afraid to get in touch with his feminine side though. He likes to wear my bracelets too. He kept putting the bracelet on every one's nose. Once he discovered I was taking pictures he used my camera as a mirror to make funny faces in. 

Boys can wear jewelry too.

Got MY nose!
Being silly and stealing his own nose.

The First Mate takes after me in quite a few different ways. He's pale and red-haired, he is super smart,  awesome, and generally the coolest. Where was I going with this? Oh, and he likes to sing and dance when he eats something delicious. (Yes, I do that). 

Chowing on Chipotle. Yum.
Chowing on Chipotle.

Just like his father, The Captain, he needs a nap after a big meal. Here is The First Mate deep in thought while napping. I apologize for the blurry photo, but waking a sleeping child with the flash is a big time 'no no.'

Thinking in his sleep.

Kids aren't always sleeping angels, because eventually they wake up. Once they are re-energized there is no telling who or what will get in their path of destruction. On one particular day, it was my face bones. Luckily this head-butt to the eye socket didn't result in a black eye.

Icing my eye after a toddler head butt.

Just when you want to yell obscenities through the throbbing face pain, they do something cute. Is there anything better than seeing your child play the piano or prepare for a space mission with a squirrel? I think not.

Musical toddler playing the piano.

Off to space with a squirrel co-pilot.
To the acorn tree, and beyond!

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