Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baby to Boy in a Day

Due to a child care scheduling disaster, I've got a five day weekend. That rarely happens, and in retail, is happens never. I have been able to really relax and enjoy my time with The First Mate and not stress about getting things done. I can do them tomorrow. Actually I'll probably be freaking out to get everything done on Monday because I put it all off, but whatever. 

Wishing I could hit the snooze button on this growing up thing.
We've snuggled, played, made pancakes, and been silly together. While nursing him in bed before a nap, I looked over at him and he looked like my little baby so small and fragile. He was so dependent on me, his mother. Maybe I was just overly emotional because I've got a friend with a newborn and The Cheerful Homemaker was going to have a baby any minute. (She actually had her the next morning). 

Then fast forward to later in the day, though it felt years had passed. We went to meet The Captain for dinner after he got off work. My tiny little baby from earlier in the day was a grown boy now. He walked with me throughout the mall and held my hand on the way to The Captain's work. He browsed around the store and shouted out all the character's names that he recognized. Then he selected a car he liked and was content. 

Once we got to dinner he was so well behaved. He sat at the table and snacked on bread with us and used his fork, sometimes. He flirted with the girls at the next table and blew them kisses. He said "Done" when he had finished his meal and politely asked for his new car to play with. The Captain and I watched as he drove the car around and around his water cup and played alone. He repeated "here he comes, here he comes" each time the car rounded a curve. He was becoming such a little boy.

Look, he's already driving.
I left to trek back to the car with The First Mate while the Captain payed and got our leftovers. I was carrying The First Mate, as he usually requests, and then he asked to get down. We slowly strolled the mall holding hands. It was a delight to spend that time with him. I had to make a stop in the Apple store for a new laptop charger and he stood right beside me, observing it all.  As we continued through the mall he drove his car along display window moldings, marveled at water features, and enjoyed an elevator ride. My favorite moment was when we passed a window with pairs of shoes laid along the floor. The First Mate would stop, lift his foot, and place the sole of his shoe against the widow at each pair of shoes. It was precious.

He spent the drive home talking to his new toy and playing. I spent the ride home missing the little baby from earlier in the day and imagining the man he will be.

Damn hormones.


  1. There are days I see Rissa as a baby and little girl. She still teeters between them but is mostly tipped towards little girl. Too fast...

    1. I don't even know when it happened. I have already started thinking of him as a two year old, and that's still 2 months away. I'm worried. When I can't call him baby anymore I will want another one.

  2. There are days I see Rissa as a baby and little girl. She still teeters between them but is mostly tipped towards little girl. Too fast...


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