Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blissfully Bored - You never realize how boring your life is until someone asks you what you like to do for fun.
This e-card was shared by one of my favorite bloggers, Jen from People I Want to Punch in the Throat, and I couldn't relate more. I've done my fair share of fun things in my life, but my answer to this question is rather boring. The answer that sounded the least sad most exciting was "go to Disneyland." The answer that came to mind first was "eat and avoid people." Those two things can be done separately and are equally as enjoyable.

I'm not at all ashamed of the fact that I have become an old lady. I am fully aware of this by the way I hobble out of bed and require time to warm up, in order to make it to the bathroom for my morning pee. I find comfort in boredom and a day of nothing planned. This means I have free time. That is extremely rare nowadays.

On the off chance that I do venture out of the house for an activity (that isn't eating related) I usually regret it. I'm not entirely anti-social, I am just picky with whom I socialize with. You see, I spend 40+ hours a week forcefully socializing with strangers. That is what a retail job requires. By the time I am off the clock, I've had my fill of people. Not to offend all mall shoppers, but a lot of you are bat shit crazy or rude as hell. I like to spend my days off cleansing myself from some of the stupid I have encountered during the week. 

As far as the eating aspect of my favorite "fun" thing to do, it's a pretty self explanatory thing. Food is delicious, fantastic, and even magical. I love to cook and discover new delicious things, and that can't really happen without eating. When The Captain and I actually get time to go out together, it's usually out to eat. That's what good relationships are founded on, lots of dinner dates. Our marriage is pretty solid, considering the pounds we've both packed on since meeting one another. Don't judge, if you don't eat, you'll die. I'm just ensuring my survival. 

Maybe I'm thinking about this question all wrong. What do you like to do for fun doesn't mean what you actually do. 

Things I Would Like To Do For Fun:

  • Win the lottery
  • Sleep eight hours straight
  • Have a room in my house with padded walls and a trampoline in the middle
  • Travel the world for free
  • Never read about the Kardashians again
  • Skydive with the promise of not dying or soiling myself
  • Be invisible, fun right?
  • Have lunch with Oprah
  • Throw a house party at someone else's house (maybe Oprah's)
  • Live in a real life musical

That all sounds a bit exhausting though. Maybe I'll stick with my boring types of fun. 

What is your idea of fun? 


  1. I like the sleep one a lot. I would go with that one.

    1. Yes, the sleep one would be awesome. Thanks for stopping by Jen! I am trying to reply without sounding like a teenager shrieking with excitement, I hope it worked.


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