Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WTF Wednesday

I just had to write this post with all the WTF news I've seen this week. If you don't know what the slang WTF means, read this post and I'm sure you'll figure it out.

First I saw this tweet pop up in my twitter feed:
click the photo link to see the letter better

As I read through each line, the letter only got worse. I was hoping it was a hoax because it didn't just cross the line, it was miles past it. How could someone say these things about a child? Then to see that the woman who wrote this despicable letter is also a mother was nearly just as shocking. Police are investigating, but the latest news reports it will not be considered a hate crime. I'm not sure what the mother would be charged with, but just having her be publicly named would be some sort of justice.

The next story I just heard about involves some bored teenagers. We've all been there and looked for something to do. Pillow fight, wander the mall, maybe make some prank phone calls, that usually cured the boredom. Not for these Oklahoma teens They were bored so they decided to kill someone for fun. Seriously, WTF!

These kids followed their prey, a 22 year old student from Melbourne, while he was out for a run. They shot him in the back from their car and fled the seen. These kids just 15-17 years old murdered someone for entertainment. This has me genuinely worried for society. You can raise your children right and someone can just shoot them out of boredom. That's a gut-wrenching thought.

Lastly, because I can't take much more, is a story I just heard last night. A nurse convicted of infanticide is scheduled to walk free from prison due to good behavior. She was only convicted of one murder, but is the suspect for 47 other infant deaths. You can watch the full story below. If you know someone in the San Antonio area who lost their baby after a vaccination during the years mentioned, please let them know about the investigation.

I promise I did not set out to ruin your day. Take this as an opportunity to kiss your babies a little more and be kinder to your neighbors (unless your neighbor slipped you a nasty note).


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    1. Dangit, I hit delete instead of reply, I suck. I do, however, agree with what you wrote. That woman went out of her way to make another mother feel bad with that letter and the angry punctuation. Beyond childish.

      Here is what Bonita had to say:

      I cannot believe that a WOMAN wrote those things to her neighbor (plus it bothered me with all the added punctuation mark like she was in middle school made).
      Society has changed. Parents are being parents. That's how those kind of kids show up.
      I live in San Antonio area and I would hate if my child was one of those victims! She should honestly stay in jail. She killed an innocent baby!


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