Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday - September

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday - September

There is never a dull moment when you're raising a child. Even as I write this I'm taking care of one sick toddler. It's a lot of snot, screaming, and hoping for sleep. However, when The First Mate isn't sick, he's busy entertaining us with his antics and making us watch what we say around him. 

We've already begun spelling certain words like C-H-I-P or B-A-T-H to avoid meltdowns. Now we have to worry about the words he will repeat. The other day, while driving, The  Captain hit a bump particularly hard and I exclaimed that he might have popped my vagina on that bump. Then from the backseat we hear:

"Pop 'gina! Pop 'gina!"

I won't make that mistake again.

Toddler Downward Dog

Here he is just hanging out in bed after a nap. I think he woke up and went straight into downward dog. The First Mate always wakes up happy and talkative. He usually says just a random word or two that comes to mind. The other day he lifted his leg in the air and said "foot" just as his eyes opened. 

Help! I'm trapped in a pillow fort.

Sometimes he's not quite ready for a nap and just wants to cuddle in bed and bury me under his pillow fort. Can you see me panicked as I run out of oxygen? 

Toddlers are tiny meal thieves.

It also never fails that when I'm really hungry or discover something delicious, he will steal it. The First Mate nabbed my peanut butter on a pretzel bun sandwich and devoured it.  

Another wonderful thing is that Toddlers call you out. The First Mate is particularly fond of declaring that you tooted. There is no getting one past him either. 

"Ew! Mama toot! Mama toot"

Just yesterday he proceeded to go in the bathroom and describe The Captain's routine. 

"Dada sit potty. Dada poop. Dada use that." as he points to the plunger.

Putting all his carts in a row.

He also has to do things his way. He wanted to gather all the shopping carts and line them up perfectly in a row. Luckily KidVentures had plenty of shopping carts to indulge him. 

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