Monday, October 7, 2013

Shedding My Pirate Booty Week Six

This week I weighed in a day early because we are currently staying at a hotel and I didn't want to pack the scale. If you remember last week, I gained a pound and a half, but was sure this week would be better. I burned more calories that I have since starting this program. I credit that to my Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband. I sometimes question it's accuracy because I use my arms a lot at work, but I do walk a lot too. Right now I will trust the results, because the scale is matching up with it.

My FitBit stats for Sunday. 

Week Six Results:

Calories Burned Exercising: 3361
Net Calories Consumed: 10,074/12,600
Weight Lost:  -3.5 lbs, -18.5 lbs total
Current Weight: 209.5 lbs 

I'm thrilled with a big loss this week, especially since we are on vacation right now. I will still track and be mindful of my eating choices. However, we will be at Disneyland and Mickey's Halloween Party, with candy and sweets. I can't offend the mouse by turning down his treats, that would be rude. 

I will confess though, now that my #2WeekChallenge is over I haven't kept up the exercise routine. I keep meaning to, but then I forget. I will intentionally exercise 5 days this week, that's my goal. I'm counting the many steps I'll be walking at Disneyland as exercise 

If you have been thinking about losing weight or getting in shape, join me on MyFitnessPal and we can go at it together. My username is Pirate013

You can also link up your own weight loss posts in the linky below.  


  1. Very inspiring. I am on week 2 of getting fit after baby! Good luck! You go mama!

  2. Thanks Angela. Now that my "baby" just turned 2, I figured I better get I I shape again. Glad to inspire though. It feels good to make small changes and see results.


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