Friday, November 22, 2013

Love You, Now Get Out

We've been living in my parent's home for 14 months now. They have been so generous to let us stay here until we can get a place of our own. We had originally planned to be out by January or February so we didn't have to move during the holidays. However, that's all changed and we are left feeling like this:

Christmas Story GIF, Santa's boot to the face

My parents work really hard. Too hard actually. They've finally decided that they are ready to retire, well sort of. Their version of "retire" means working just forty hour weeks and seeing each other on a regular basis. However, part of their retirement plans involve selling the house. So, they want us out. Now. Surprise!

So I've been busy finding us a place to live in a nice area, that will take our pugs, is electric vehicle compatible, and fits our budget and needs. It hasn't been an easy feat. So far we've seen a lot of places and loved one. We were so hopeful that we would get it, but lost out to another interested applicant.

The house hunting continues just as we enter the busiest season of the year. I'm just hoping we can find a place soon so we aren't moving on Christmas. We've recently applied to a couple more, so hopefully we hear back soon. Wish us luck.

And if you know of a place, let me know.


  1. I have tried to really limit the number of things I buy. My budget requires it, but it just feels better too. I need to be better about making a list so I know who I've already purchased for and who's left!

  2. We really tried to limit gifts for our son last year. He has plenty of toys, so we focused on needs and just 3 gifts from us. Clothes, Books, and one Toy. He gets enough from his grandparents and other relatives to still make it exciting for him.

    Lists are definitely helpful to stay organized. I tend to buy too many gifts too if I don't stick to a list.

    Here's to happy shopping.


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