Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pirate's Log - November

Pirate's Log November 2013

Here is a much more complete edition of my Pirate's Log. If you recall last month's log, I sucked as a blogger. I vowed to be more on top of it in November, and I think I did pretty well. Here is all of November in one place. I'm even posting this a day earlier than usual so you can still enter my Keurig Vue giveaway and read my Small Business Saturday post that apply TODAY!

Citrus Lane October 2013 box

Pirate's Log - October: You should definitely check out October's log, since it's so darn short. I always link back the previous Pirate's Logs, so why not continue reading all of them? Wow! That sounds like such a fun way to spend a Saturday.

Bad Blogger via Pirate Prerogative

Bad Blogger: All about how I sucked as a blogger lately. I mean, a blogger is really only supposed to do one thing, blog. So if you can't do that, you really are a bad blogger.

Shedding My Pirate Booty: This weekly series is updated each Monday after my weigh-ins. I started working on getting healthy and fit three months ago. The accountability of posting every detail helps to keep me in check. There is also a link up each week to add your own weight loss and fitness posts.

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday - November: These are always the most fun posts to write, and November was no exception. I compile all the antics of The First Mate each over the course of the month so you can see how life with a two year old really is. 

Thankful Thursdays: My weekly gratitude posts to remember to stay thankful. I keep this going all year long, that's why I've already had 57 editions! Be sure to check out the Thanksgiving one for a special treat.

Thankful Thursdays #54
October Birthday Photo, Second Birthday with Pumpkins

The First Mate Turned Two: I finally got around to writing about my son's second birthday. We had a small party and celebrated with a mini vacation. We also ate some awesome cupcakes, some complete with bacon!

Keurig Vue Giveaway: Yay for giveaways! They are always so much fun, and this time I was a co-host. This giveaway closes at 11:59 EST tonight, so hurry and get your entries in!

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Cake by Christopher Garren

Six Years Well Spent: This year marked the six year wedding anniversary for myself and The Captain. I reminisce on our wedding day and years together. It's been amazing.

Easy made from scratch vegan pumpkin pancakes. Perfect for fall.

Perfect Pumpkin Pancakes: My two culinary loves came together for this recipe. It's so simple and is the perfect holiday morning breakfast. Add this one to your Pinterest boards for sure.

Citrus Lane November Box: Look at the Loot: This is the most anticipated post each month. People love seeing what the month's Citrus Lane box has inside. It's always interesting to see how the boxes vary from person to person. It's also great to see what's in store when you sign up for your own subscription. There is an AMAZING sale on subscriptions {referral link} right now for both new and existing members too. We scored our boxes for just $16 a month.

5 Tips for STRES FREE Shopping

How To Have a Stress Free Christmas: I revamped this post from last year, because these methods have been so helpful in getting my shopping done each year. I work in a mall, so I don't want to spend any extra time there. Check out these easy tips to eliminate shopping stress.

Christmas Story GIF, Santa's boot to the face

Love You, Now Get Out: We are getting kicked out this holiday season, kind of like Ralphie above. It's been a desperate hunt for a place to live.

Shop Small button, American Express

Small Business Saturday 2013: If you only read one post from this Pirate's Log, make it this one. Small businesses deserve your support, and you know the money is going to support their families and the community in turn. A lot of the businesses spotlighted are having sales for the holidays too. I guarantee you can cross someone off you shopping list with one of these options.

Toot Sweet 4 Two

Toot Sweet 4 Two - Thankful Thursdays: I had to add that Carole and Tiffany of Toot Sweet 4 Two added me to their Red Plate Series. It's a sweet piece about my blog and Thankful Thursdays series. Stop over and say "hi."

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