Monday, November 11, 2013

Shedding My Pirate Booty Week Eleven

If you read my last update, then you know I lowered my calorie goal to kick start my weight loss again. I did miss those 260 calories each day, but you know what what I won't miss, the weight I lost!

Week Eleven Calories Consumed

Yes, this was my most successful weigh in since week one's results. Even though I used nearly all my calories, it was still fewer than I had been eating in week's past. Here are my stats.

Week Eleven Results:

Calories Burned Exercising: 4075
Net Calories Consumed: 10550/10,570
Weight Lost: -3 lbs, 24 lbs total
Current Weight: 204 lbs

I'm so glad to have a good loss this week because it will keep me going strong. I am already thinking about how I can really push this week to lose 5 pounds and be out of the 200s! Normally, in my past diets this was the time I started to feel burned out. That's why I stepped it up to change my pattern. The Captain is already feeling this burn out in his own weight loss, so maybe I can convince him to join me on some workouts this week.

It would be great to make it through the holiday season with an actual loss on the scale! I have my hopes set high. I am going to set a goal to be at 195 pounds by December 30th. I'm calling this my Winter ONEderland challenge to be in the 100s this season.

If you're nearing a milestone in your weight loss too, join in the Winter ONEderland challenge and link up your own post about your goal this winter. 

As always, follow along with me on MyFitnessPal to support each other all week long.

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