Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday - November

  Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday - November via Pirate Prerogative

I skipped Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday last month. Not because The First Mate wasn't providing enough material, but because I was being a bad blogger. Although this is one of my favorite posts to write, it's pretty time consuming. I have to go through all the crazy things my two year old has done, sort them, edit, upload, and add my commentary. That's why it was left off my list in October.

The First Mate has been growing up so fast. He seems like he will be driving any day now, so we went car shopping. He went from car to car saying "That one's cool. That one's cool too." I am partial to this mini cooper, but it costs almost as much as my first car did. We'll hold off on the cars for now.

Going car shopping with my two year old

Sometime in the past month or two, The First Mate has developed his "Cheese" face. This is the ridiculous face he makes when you say "cheese" and want to take a picture. Here he is doing his best version of cheese face on a pumpkin.

Cheese face on a pumpkin

He has also discovered a new love of bacon. This is his bacon face.

Double fisting bacon

He really is his father's son. Just the other day he was pretending to be The Captain. He grabbed his Dad's wallet, put it in his pocket, and said "Bye, I go get Diet Coke." 

Just like daddy

Even though he may be a carnivore like his father (but not a soda addict), he still has a love for animals. At a petting zoo he recently discovered how cuddly goats can be. Awe.

That goat is totes ready to cuddle

However, Ruby didn't get quite the same type of cuddles at home. She doesn't seem to mind though.

I don't even know what is happening here
He sure has a way with animals. But what would he do if he met a fox? Probably talk to him in interpretive dance. 

What does the fox say, interpretive dance by a toddler


  1. My kids go crazy for "What does the fox say?" Love these Shiver me Timber Tuesdays -- stay on track for November ; )

  2. He is ALL about the fox. I actually enjoy it myself, too. I am don't well for November and even have some posts ready to go (which is a change for me). Thanks for making sure I'm on track.

  3. Oh me too! I have even considered trying to figure out how to sign it and embed a video in a video kind of a deal haha! Ya know all animals in that song makes it kind of a fun thing to do. But, I'm so technically challenged that I fear I would never finish it.


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