Monday, December 9, 2013

Shedding My Pirate Booty Week Fifteen

I'll make this week's update short and sweet because I'm tired and it looks like we're moving in 7 days. Time is something I don't have much of.

This week I did everything right, it seemed. I added in exercise, I walked a bazillion miles at Disneyland, and I stayed under my calorie goal most days, despite the 1070 calories dessert I had Sunday night. I should have looked that one up before ordering. The only thing I just can't cut out of my diet is chocolate, but I always count the calories and make it work.

My FitBit stats at Disneyland Tuesday

I am not one of those people that can't step on the scale at all until it's time to weigh in. I check my weight almost everyday, (even though that's not recommended) but it helps me know if I'm on track. This week I saw no loss, and even some days, a gain. It made me more focused on how many calories I consumed and sticking to my #2WeekChallenge. I tried not to get discouraged until my actual weigh-in this morning.

So, when I stepped on the scale, this is what my true results were:

Week Fifteen Results:

Calories Burned Exercising: 3935
Net Calories Consumed: 10,141/10,570
Weight Lost: -.5 lbs, 26.5 lbs total
Current Weight: 201.5 lbs

Damn you delicious molten lava chocolate chip cookie dessert!

In the end, it's a loss, so I'm glad. I will still continue along with my #2WeekChallenge and hope for better results next week. I am really needing a BIG week to get me on track for Winter ONEderland and to keep me motivated. I accept that it took me a long time to get to this weight, therefore it will take a long time to take it off. I'm just in need of results to show me I'm doing something right. I still believe I'll be under 200 lbs by the end of December. 

I'm sure fifteen weeks in, this goes without saying, but...

Add me on MyFitnessPal, I'm Pirate013, and link up your weight loss posts below. See you here next week.

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