Monday, December 2, 2013

Shedding My Pirate Booty Week Fourteen

Losing weight during the holidays is tough! I thought I would just enjoy Thanksgiving day and be good the rest of the week. I seem to have forgotten that there is food everywhere all week long.

We didn't bring any leftovers home, so I was doing well there. However, we had a ton of food at work because the mall is far too busy for heading to the food court. I just couldn't avoid the cookies and snacks that I passed hundreds of times a day. It was rough.

Net Calories for week 14

I did manage to have a better net calorie result this week compared to last though. It's pretty obvious which day was Thanksgiving on the graph. My dinner and dessert that day was 2392 calories. I am very proud of myself for tracking it all. I did eat more food than I needed too. I was stuffed.

To make this week even harder, I started my lady days on Thanksgiving Day. I always gain or stay the same on these weeks. It must be the chocolate cravings or bloating that does it.

So here, is how my stats turned out after all of that.

Week Fourteen Results:

Calories Burned Exercising: 3540
Net Calories Consumed: 11,290/10,570
Weight Lost: -0 lbs, 26 lbs total
Current Weight: 202 lbs

I am realizing how close my December 30th deadline is coming for my winter weight loss goal. I need to add in some more exercise to stay on track. I am happy with my number this week, all things considered. I'm glad to have it behind me and to have an awesome week this week.

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