Monday, December 16, 2013

Shedding My Pirate Booty Week Sixteen

As you read this I am burning some serious calories loading and unloading a moving truck. I will take any calories I can burn after this week.

Calories consumed week 16 of shedding my pirate booty
My calories for the past week.

I worked hard to have a stellar week since I have been slow going. It was also the final week of my #2WeekChallenge. The last time I completed the challenge I gained half a pound but lost nine inches. This time I was hoping for awesome results. I burned nearly 5000 calories and was more than 1000 calories below my goal. Here is how my week turned out.

Week Sixteen Results:

Calories Burned Exercising: 4893
Net Calories Consumed: 9562/10,570
Weight Lost: -2.5 lbs,  -29 lbs total
Current Weight: 199 lbs

#2WeekChallenge Results:


Weight: 202
Waist: 36"
Hips: 43.5"
Thighs: L 24" R 24"


Weight: 199 (-3lbs)
Waist: 36" (-0")
Hips: 42" (-1.5")

Thighs: L 23" (-1") R 23" (-1")

Finally! I have been wanting to see the 200s go for so long. I was beginning to doubt myself. I lost a total of 3.5 inches, which is less than last time, but who cares? I lost 3 pounds during this round of the challenge, which is exactly what I was looking for. I might actually reach my goal to hit 195 pounds by December 30th

One Month Weight Loss Graph
Finally movement on the scale!

I'm starting the new week with a sense of accomplishment. You can follow along this week with me on MyFitnessPal. Also link up your weight loss journey below. 

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