Monday, January 6, 2014

Shedding My Pirate Booty Week Nineteen

It's been 134 days since I set sail on my weight loss voyage. I am really enjoying it this time around. It's been nice approaching it as a goal, rather than a burden. 

This past week I stepped up my game by adding in workouts from my Mamavation Mom hazings. These were much more intense than my workouts from past 2 Week Challenges. I also crammed them all in a short amount of time. The hazings started the day after Christmas, but I didn't join in becuase I thought I missed the apication deadline. Once I was able to apply, I busted my butt to get 100% caught up. In a matter of five days I did:

275 Burpees
200 Lunges
155 Weighted Squats
100 Jumping Jacks
100 Kick and Lunges
50 Mountain Climbers
30 Leg Lifts
30 Push-ups
2 minutes of Planking

And that's just my hazings! I also walked a couple miles while pushing the stroller and burned my usual calories from work. I was expecting some great results in the scale, but weary of weight gains from gaining muscle. 

Net Calories for 12/30-01/05

Here's what I earned:

Week Nineteen Results:

Calories Burned Exercising: 3687
Net Calories Consumed: 8966/10,220
Weight Lost:  -1.5 lbs,  -31 lbs total
Current Weight:  197 lbs

I'm happy with those results and I'm excited to see where 2014 takes me! I am already envisioning a healthier me. I've got more hazings this week, then the 2 Week Challenge after that. Hopefully I've also got a 7 week boot camp too. I've started to take a closer look at my diet and I'm realizing I need to make some changes, so the nutrition plan would be wonderful. I'd love if you'd go tell Mamavation I should be the next Mamavation Mom. I'll make my shameless self promotion easy with a sample tweet and posts for you. 

Copy and paste this tweet (or write your own):

"I think @Pirate1013 should be the next @Mamavation Mom because her Pirate booty deserves a boot camp!"

Copy and paste this status to Facebook (or write your own). Be sure to tag Mamavation and Pirate Prerogative:

"I think the next Mamavation (tag Mamavation) Mom should be Elizabeth from Pirate Prerogative. (tag Pirate Prerogative) Her Pirate booty deserves a boot camp!

Copy and paste this status to Google Plus (or write your own). Be sure to tag +Mamavation  and +Elizabeth Bruno 

"I think the next Mamavation (tag Mamavation) Mom should be Elizabeth Bruno. (tag me) Her Pirate booty deserves a boot camp!

I am so appreciative of your support! The chosen moms will be announced on January 13th, so I'll keep you posted. 
Update: I have been chosen as one of 5 finalists! Woo hoo!

I'd love to offer my support to you as well, so let's be friends on MyFitnessPal. Also add your link below so others can follow along on your weight loss posts. If you've got a New Year's Resolution post that pertains to getting healthy, share that too!

See you next week!


  1. nice! We are half way thru a work out challenge too!

  2. You go girl!!! You've got this!!!

  3. Great job! I've lost over 200lbs! Your hazing workouts look so fun :) I do CrossFit so we do a lot of those exercises on a daily basis!

  4. Good deal on catching up with all those hazing workouts!!! Also, my user name is CarrigansJoy on MyFitnessPal, I'd love to befriend you!

  5. Good luck and I like your workouts.

  6. I'm pulling for ya in this challenge Elizabeth! So awesome watching you share your journey on losing the booty ; )

  7. Thank you Joann. I am so excited to be a finalist! I HAVE to share my journey, it's my accountability. No matter how small my piece of the web is, it still helps.

  8. Thanks Monica. I like (most) of them too. Burpees are by definition, unlikeable.


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