Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shedding My Pirate Booty Week Twenty-Two

By now, these updates are a pretty regular occurrence on the blog. You probably thought I fell off the weight loss boat when you didn't see my update this morning. Nope. I was just busy dealing with a stressful corporate visit from my day job. Now that it's over and I put on my PJs and have a full blown migraine, I am able to talk about my pirate booty. 

That may sound a bit complainy, but I really have nothing to complain about this week. I expected a "good" week after simply maintaining my weight last week, but exactly what the scale would bring I wasn't sure. I've been working hard to stick to my Mamavation Bootcamp rules guidelines.

Pirate013 MyFitnessPal stats

Week Twenty-Two Results:

Calories Burned Exercising: 4157
Net Calories Consumed: 8774/10,220
Weight Lost:  -3 lbs,  -36 lbs total
Current Weight:  192 lbs

I have been consistently staying below my calorie range each day. It's also been 23 days of hitting my 10,000 step daily goal. Even though my calories burned were lower and my calories consumed were higher this week, I still achieved great results. It's my body catching up to the work I did last week.

Pirate013 Weight Loss 3 Month progress

I checked out my three month progress, and it's pretty exciting to see the results. I've lost almost 16% of my body weight! I've lost more than my two year old weighs. Sometimes when you look at weight loss week to week, you only see the little bits and pieces. The big picture is still so important and sometimes you can be your own motivation. I have already come so far and done so much imagine what else I can still accomplish.

I've got some more thoughts on this week and my video recap on Mamavation today. All three of us Mamavation Moms are sharing our story there each week. It's interesting to see how our experiences differ from one another. Be sure to check it our here:

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