Monday, January 13, 2014

Shedding My Pirate Booty Week Twenty

It's been another week, but it's been so exciting! After applying to be one of the next Mamavation Moms, I was chosen as a finalist. I can't wait for tonight's twitter party where the winners of a seven week bootcamp will be announced! I'll be tweeting the entire party and there are some amazing prizes. Be sure to RSVP for your chance to win a prize every six minutes. 

Mamavation Monday Twitter Party

In preparation for our bootcamp, the other finalists and I have undergone workout hazings challenges to complete. I loved it and found myself waking up to check and see what was up next. There were some really great new exercises that I had never done. We even were told to jump over and over again to this. Try it, it's not as easy as you think. I made it to 100 jumps.

So, with all of those hazings and sticking to my plan, I was expecting a good number on the scale. Here's what I got:

Week Twenty Results:

Calories Burned Exercising: 3841
Net Calories Consumed: 7397/10,220
Weight Lost:  -2 lbs,  -33 lbs total
Current Weight: 195 lbs

I worked my butt off and made sure to hit my 10,000 steps every day, even my days off. This proved to be especially difficult yesterday. It was the perfect lazy Sunday and I even took a nap with The First Mate. My hazers were enjoying the weekend with their families, so there was only one hazing request. It was up to me to get moving.

It was also football play offs and the San Diego Chargers were playing (well, in the fourth quarter they finally did). This meant snacks and that I wouldn't be cooking a healthy dinner. It was decided to get take out from my favorite taco shop, Sombrero. Honestly, I wasn't in the mood. I was hungry though, and out of options. I opted for the 300 calorie tostada over my usual 640 calories burrito. Then I stepped it up and jog-walked to the restaurant. I did catch a ride back, but I was still pretty proud of myself and burned 52 calories (the Ghiaradelli dark chocolate square I ate after dinner).

Week 20 My Fitness Pal stats

I was still about 4500 steps away from my 10,000 step goal after The First Mate went to bed. I decided to earn my steps with a walking workout shared by Dee, one of the finalists in the Mamavation Mom competition. I did this while cleaning the kitchen. Then I plowed through my last few steps with some improvised step aerobics.

It felt good to care about my steps. Normally, I'm glad to hit it, but it's not a must. I really want to give my all each day and be prepared for both the 2 Week Challenge and Bootcamp. Speaking of the 2 Week Challenge, it starts today and you can still join in! The prizes are insane this time around. Just follow the link and sign up.

This last week has been a whirlwind and I have been so inspired by all the Mamavation community. It's been wonderful getting to know the other finalists and having some healthy competition too. You can find the other four contestants here:

Dee of Lumpy to Lean
Jody of Gemini Health and Nutrition
Toni of Carrigan's Joy
Wendy of Daily Dose of Del Signore

I will absolutely be updating you on my Mamavation Mom status, but you can find out right along with me at the twitter party tomorrow. If you're on a weight loss journey of your own, link up below and add me on MyFitnessPal


  1. so impressive! and all the more so now that I know you live within walking distance of a sombrero! that's peligroso!

  2. It's more than walking distance form our house, I was at the in-laws.


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