Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday - March 2014

Normally I am able to come up with a theme for these Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday posts, but The First Mate was really allover the place this month. So let's just enjoy the randomness of toddlerhood.

He was fighting bad guys! Such a cute photo from Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday.

Apparently these goggles were required to help him "fight bad guys." Who am I to argue with that?

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday: Is he hugging her or trying to steal her pinwheel?

It's not all fighting though, there is certainly time to spread the love too. I'm not sure if he is hugging the statue or stealing her pinwheel, honestly.

Even this toddler recognizes a sweet goatee. More toddler life from Shiver Me TImbers Tuesday.

There was definitely love for this goat though. I mean check out his sweet goatee! Even two-year-olds can sense that kind of awesome.

Rockabilly kid! This might melt your ovaries. See him perform Ring of Fire too.

At some point The First Mate became an adorable little rockabilly kid. This might be the be the cutest thing ever. Wait, I think this video of him performing Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" might be actually be the cutest thing ever.

No matter what TFM decides to do, it's sure to make me smile. 

What did your child do that you that made you smile?


  1. Love his little plaid hat!

    Some days I'm certain G is lucky he's cute. These toddler tantrums are for the birds.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, it's not even a matter of good day v. bad day anymore. It's mood swing toddler here. Fine one minute and a monster the next. Rumor is three is WORSE!


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