Friday, March 7, 2014

The Best Bedtime Story Ever

The Best Bedtime Story Ever: Story time with Papa.

I'm not a big bedtime story reader. It's always been something other people do to put my son to sleep. I mean, I've always had boobs, so a book was inferior to my "num-nums." 

As The First Mate got older, he will use any and every stall tactic there is. 

"I need my (insert toy) for nigh-night!"

"I need my wa-wa."

"I need to see the doggies."

"Ow! My hair hurt."

"I need my blanket."

and the very clever

"I need to tell you I love you."

Man, this kid is good. 

But last night, even though we were starting the nighttime routine later than usual, I felt the need to drag it out a bit. 

I held him close and patted his back. I kissed him on the cheek and whispered about the crazy amounts of love I have for him. I told him he should have sweet dreams full of happy thoughts so he would be ready for a fun day tomorrow.  

The Best Bedtime Story Ever. Sleep gets a thumbs up, cute.

That's when he began to tell me a bedtime story. 

Not your typical Night, Night, Elmo! that we can both recite verbatim. My toddler's story went something like this:

TFM: "I want to go to the park tomorrow. I want a bath. I want... go park and have bath."

Me: "Okay, you can do both those things tomorrow."

He leans in and puts his nose against mine. 

TFM: "Today is Wednesday." 

Me: "Today is Friday. If you go night night it will be a new day when you wake up. I think you get to see Grams tomorrow too. You and Daddy and Grams might go see the fishies." 

TFM: "And Zoey (Grams' French Bulldog) and Papa and Crocodiles."

Me: "Crocodiles too? That sounds fun."

TFM: "Uh huh. Crocodiles go in wa-wa. I take bath and play with my plane in wa-wa."

Me: "Will there be crocodiles in your bath?"

TFM: "No Mama! Crocodiles no take bath." 

Me: "Oh, okay. Baby takes a bath."

TFM: "Uh huh. I need my blanket..."


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