Monday, April 21, 2014

Citrus Lane April 2014 Box: Look at the Loot

See what came in the April Citrus Lane Box!

It's time for another peek inside or monthly Citrus Lane box! The First Mate adores getting this treasure delivered to our door each month. I like to share what we received each month as well as my thoughts on each item. 

Pirate Prerogative's Affiliate DisclosureDisclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Citrus Lane. I do provide a referral link which gets me a $20 credit for anyone who orders a subscription through my link. The Amazon images go through my affiliate link, as I am a member of the Amazon affiliate program. 

Green Toys Tools & Things in the April Citrus Lane Box

Green Toys Tools & Things

We have a ton of tool sets already, but man does The First Mate love tools. This set from toymaker favorite, Green Toys, is a Citrus Lane exclusive, so it's not the full set pictured. It includes a frighteningly solid hammer, a wrench, pliers, two nails and a plate to hammer them into. This has already been played with a bunch. Win.
Retail: $6.53 (estimated)

Green Eats Tumblers in the April Citrus Lane Box

Green Eats Set of 2 Tumblers

I wasn't so sure about these cups because I really hate messes and spills. However, I have a toddler who is attached to straw sippy cups. He was thrilled to give these a try, with water of course. I'm not crazy. He felt like such a big boy and did a pretty good job. However, his shirt was fully soaked. We received our tumbles in orange, which is one of The First Mate's favorite colors. Win again Citrus Lane.
Retail: $10.16

Barefoot Books Prince's Bedtime Book & CD Set in the April Citrus Lane Box

Barefoot Books Prince's Bedtime Book & CD Set

We haven't cracked the cover on this one yet, but the last CD set from Barefoot Books we received was a hit. Like playing the CD on constant replay and knowing every word sort of a hit. Books are always a welcome addition to a Citrus Lane box, because you can never have to many books. Win, except I might take that back after reading and listening to this a bazillion times.
Retail: $8.99

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Lemon Verbena Dish Soap in the April Citrus Lane Box

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Lemon Verbena Dish Soap

I'm all for safer cleaning products, especially when dealing with dishes that your food goes on. Citrus Lane included this "for mom" item in an exclusive trail size of 2 ounces. I love the lemon scent! I haven't used it on my dishes, because who has time for dishes? I will soon though, because the dishwasher can't clean everything. Win, but I do not appreciate having to do housework.
Retail: $0.66 (based off $0.33/oz)

Treat Greeting Card (coupon)

I do not like coupons counted as items, unless they are legitimately free stuff or REALLY good. This one falls into the first category. Well at least I think it is. I went to reread the full coupon details only to discover the coupon is already lost. This is why I hate coupons. I have never heard of Treat before, but it is a greeting card service from Shutterfly. I have used Shutterfly for invitations before and been happy, so the idea does seem appealing. You can customize cards or create your own too. The coupon is only good for one free card though. Let's call this one a draw.
Retail: $3.49

So this box turned out to be a pretty good one. All items we will use, which is nice. The estimated retail value is only $29.77 though. That's a great deal considering the special pricing we payed, but not when you consider the usual cost per box is $29 with a month to month subscription.

However today is the LAST DAY to subscribe to Citrus Lane for the same AMAZING deal we renewed at. Boxes as low as $16.33/month, which is well below the value of any box I have ever seen. These prices are open to new and current subscribers, so anyone can take advantage. Don't wait though, the semi-annual sale event ends April 22nd! It's the perfect time to sign up or renew. 

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