Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Making Monday My Motivation

Having been in retail for my entire working life, I've never really had the Monday dread. Weekends are the busiest time for shopping, so I was always working. My days off usually spaced out and rotate weekly, so no weekends for me.

It rarely happens to me, but read about the time I had a case of the Mondays.

Yesterday was my day off. It was a much needed day off after a crazy busy stretch of weekend. I was SO looking forward to it. Then, I got a case of the Mondays. Ugh.

It all started with my morning weigh-in. If you read yesterday's Shedding My Pirate Booty update, then you know it's been a tough two weeks on the bathroom scale. I always try to stay motivated by negative results, but that is easier said than done. This just got me feeling down and frustrated. And that leads to...

Yes, chocolate. Read about the time I killed a chocolate Easter bunny on weigh-in day.

Yes, chocolate. Even after bringing most of our Easter candy to work to avoid temptation, we still had quite a bit of chocolate left. I decided to just have one piece. It was good. Most of the remaining candy is The Captain's white chocolate and caramel stuff. He isn't a fan of regular chocolate. I didn't want to dig into his stash. Then I saw it, a chocolate bunny. 

That stupid smirking bunny face was just mocking me. It was like he was saying "You couldn't eat me. I dare you!" I stupidly thought I would just have some of the bunny. I thought a bite would satisfy my sweet tooth. I had a taste, but I just couldn't get over the craving. So I peered at the nutritional info and decided to eat only half. I even shared with The First Mate so I wouldn't wind up eating it all. I eat much faster than a two year old though. 

By the time that stupid delicious bunny was gone, I had consumed 3/4 of it. I felt like a failure as I entered it into My Fitness Pal and saw my remaining calories dwindle. I had murdered a bunny and for what? Probably for a fat ass and disappointment on the scales next week.

So, that was how my Monday started. Then add in the bossy toddler who demanded I make him clay figure after figure. Then said toddler hated all of my modeling clay creations to the point of destroying them in a brutal manner followed by "I don't like that Elephant!!!" (or doggy, train, baby, train station, tunnel, track, or person who didn't have nice enough feet) And that sort of thing continued all freaking day with the added in whining of "I want to go do something I like!" which was never determined. The First Mate apparently only knows what he doesn't like. What he does like is a mystery to me. 

I still had one thing to look forward to though, the gym later. I hadn't run since Wednesday, and now I really need a good workout. I even got The Captain to come with me! Just like everything else that day, the gym started off like a disaster. Things that wouldn't scan, phone calls, invalid memberships, no available treadmills, broken headphone jack, you name it. Finally, after 15 minutes, I was off.

"I wanna go fast" is how I got a kick ass time running.

I just got the feeling I wanted to go fast right off the bat, in my first mile. I cranked up my music and the speed and just ran. Then just as I was getting into it, I was reminded it was Monday. I had to pee. I tried to ignore the inclination for urination, but mile two was tough. I tried going slower, but it didn't help. I powered through to the end of mile two, paused my session and jogged to the locker room for some relief. 

In record time, I was back and running again, determined to get back to my pace. In the end, I had a seriously kick as run with new record times. 

Read about how I turned a crappy Monday into this: My best run times so far.

Yes, that is 3 miles in 32:14 with a best lap of 10:22. I felt great after the run and glad that I had not let the bunny consumption destroy my entire day. In the end, I made good choices for the rest of my meals and didn't have too terrible of a calorie day, all things considered. 

I guess The Mondays do exist, but you can shake them. I turned all the bad into my motivation.


  1. love this post! I hope I remember it during my "Monday" tomorrow!

  2. Thanks. I'm glad someone else can relate to the mid-week Monday.


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