Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday - April 2014

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday: This perfectly illustrates life with a toddler.

As we are nearing the halfway point of The First Mate's second year, he is full of questions. It's constantly "What's that?" or "Why?" It got me thinking about who should be asking the questions, here. The toddler, or me?

For example, The First Mate recently told me "I can't get poop in my mouth Mama, I'm a big boy!" Alright, and how does that make any sense? And did you ever get poop in your mouth? Was it on purpose? Never mind, I don't want to ask anymore questions about these one, moving on.

Cruising on three wheels with my four eyes.

This picture makes me wonder, does he look so cool because of the three wheels or the four eyes?

Screaming at the beach and other things that toddlers do.

On our recent visit to the beach, he had a blast getting dirty in the sand. My question is, where the heck did he get that from? I despise sand and when the beach touches me, I get mad.

Riding a sea turtle duuuuuuude.

Sea turtle, why not ride it?

Why not ride a warthog? Toddler logic.

Better yet, why not ride a warthog?

Who wants to face plant repeatedly for fun? No one will fess up to teaching him this, by the way.

Dinosaurs need to line up to watch TV, and other toddler logic in Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday.

Another pearl of wisdom from The First Mate, "Dinosaurs don't have butts." Did you know this? If dinosaurs don't have butts, than what is facing me while I watch TV?

I keep an ongoing list of quotes and moments that would be great for SMTT. I had one that reads "Dragon, take off you pants." It left me asking "What?" I honestly have no idea what was happening when that little diddy came out of his mouth.

Finally, after The First Mate responded to The Captain with a talk to the hand gesture and a "Psssht!" I want to know, when did I raise a teenager? Or better yet, when did my I raise a Jerry Springer guest?

What questions do have after living with your tiny humans?


  1. Wow, he talks so well! G is almost 2.5 and I feel like he doesn't talk as much as other kids his age. It's so hard not to compare.

  2. He's always been a talker. It's tough not to compare, but every child really does do things at their own pace. He was of the last to walk among his baby friends. My friend's child (just 2 weeks older) rolled over at 3 weeks, her second did the same. Babies are just different. I'm sure you're seeing that already with Moxie.

  3. Whenever I find myself comparing him to other kids I try and focus on the things he can do rather than what he cannot. He may not be as verbal as other kids, but he knows his ABCs and can count to 10.


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