Sunday, May 4, 2014

All Things Take Time

Next time you're going through a hard time or something you think you'll never get past, remember this.

It's another Sunday, and since I don't really care that it's Star Wars Day (I'm not a fan, gasp!),  here are some words of wisdom from me to you. 

"All things take time. With time you'll gain perspective. With perspective, you'll see how far you've come."
-Elizabeth Bruno of Pirate Prerogative  
Life is full of challenges. Sometimes when you're in the midst of a particularly challenging moment, it seems like you'll be stuck there forever. 

Well, tough times are just that, a TIME in your life. In time, you'll move past it and see how much better off you are and how you've grown from it.

Think back to all those bad break-ups you had when you were younger. Chances are you're not still pining over that high school boyfriend who broke your heart. You're probably thinking, I can't believe I thought he was the one!

Look back at any difficult point in your life, and I'm sure this applies. We change and grow as people, and it's our experiences that help shape us. I think we learn those most from the challenging moments, because we are forced to grow from it in order to move on. 

So take a deep breath and remember this next time you're going through something. Just give it time.

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