Friday, May 2, 2014

Challenge Yourself: Mamavation 2 Week Challenge

Mamavation's 16th #2WeekChallenge is about to start. Challenge Yourself!

Have you been waiting for the right time to get healthy and make fitness a priority? It's always the right time to take care of yourself, but now is a great time.

Mamavation is having their 16th #2WeekChallenge and it's new and improved. Mr. Bookieboo has changed up the workouts this time around. They are still doable for any fitness level, so even beginners can complete this challenge. 

I will absolutely be participating, because with the past two weeks of weigh-ins, I need this right now. I have done a few #2WeekChallenges in the past, and they have always been a great jump start to get me back on track. Plus, you can win prizes (other than a lean mean fighting machine of a body).

Mamavation #2WeekChallenge results
My results from previous #2WeekChallenges

I love recruiting people to the challenges and helping to motivate each other. This challenge starts on Monday, May 5th and you can find all the sign-up details here:

Will you join in on the #2WeekChallenge?

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