Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Citrus Lane May 2014 Box: Look at the Loot

This month's Citrus Lane Box was HUGE! See what we received.

We have been getting out Citrus Lane boxes for quite some time, and this month's box has probably been the biggest and best so far! It was full of so many goodies that I could barely get it all in one picture! Here is the breakdown of what came inside.

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Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Citrus Lane. I do provide a referral link which gets me a $20 credit for anyone who orders a subscription through my link. The Amazon images go through my affiliate link, as I am a member of the Amazon affiliate program.

Hape Toys Track Roller Toy | Citrus Lane May Box: Look at the Loot
Hape Toys Parthenon Sand Mold | Citrus Lane May Box: Look at the Loot
Hape Toys Parthenon Sand Mold and Track Roller

Hape is a regular brand in our Citrus Lane boxes, and we like them. The roller was an instant hit. The First Mate loves playing at the beach, so these will be a great thing to tote alone. They are also great for snow, not just sand. Cool. 
Retail: $13.63

Goodbyn Hero Bento Box | Citrus Lane May Box: Look at the Loot

Goodbyn Hero Bento-Style Container

I was SO excited to see this inside. Bento boxes are cool, and this one is no exception. There is a large compartment for a sandwich or salad, and two snack size sections. There are also two dipper containers included. Perfect for packing a lunch. This exact item isn't even on sale yet! I estimated the value, but if you want one now, you can find a similar one on amazon. 
Retail: $14.99 (estimate)

Melissa and Doug Pain with Water | Citrus Lane May Box: Look at the Loot

Melissa & Doug Paint with Water

Another staple in our house and our subscription is Melissa & Doug. Love them. We have actually received this paint with water in a previous box, but this one is a little different. We will absolutely use this (it's off to the nanny's house today).
Retail: $4.42

Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes in Grapefruit | Citrus Lane May Box: Look at the Loot

Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes for Kids

I'll be honest, these seemed weird to me. Why do you need specific wipes just for feet? I read the package and still didn't really get an answer, and they suggest your kids will ask for these by name. I don't think that will happen, but we will still use them. Now that we are entering flip flop weather here, The First Mate's feet get filthy. I do often wipe them down, so now I can see what difference an actual foot wipe gives. 
Retail: $2.25

Back to Nature Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies | Citrus Lane May Box: Look at the Loot

Back to Nature Snack- Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I actually got to try one of these because The First Mate offered to share! They were pretty good, and had a good amount of chocolate. I was even able to pry the bag away from my 2 year old to get to snack times out of. Snack, win.
Retail: $1.33

VineMarket.com coupon | Citrus Lane May Box: Look at the Loot

Vine Market and Citrus Lane Coupon

Since Mother's Day just passed, Citrus Lane included a coupon for 20% off on their site. They have some good products in the shop, so I will probably use this for The First Mate or a gift. A coupon for VineMarket.com was also included. I had never heard of it, but it offers natural and organic food and allergy/dietary restriction safe food too. It sound really cool, and I might actually use this coupon. Woah.
Retail: 20-25% off

Honestly, all of these were winners. Although the feet wipes are a little odd, we will use them. The rest of the products have already been used, and it just came yesterday. I will probably even use these coupons, which is really rare for me. The total value of this box (without coupons) is $36.62 That's a crazy good value because Citrus Lane boxes start at $21. I hope you signed up last month when they had their special, and got this awesome box. If you didn't you can save half off your fist box when you sign up with my referral link!

You can also browse through all the other items we received in past Citrus Lane boxes in The Ship Shop astore

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  1. G's feet get disgusting when we're outside! How such a tiny person can get so dirty is beyond me.


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