Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pandas Are Cute. Look at the Pandas.

I'm not going to lie, I thought it was Wednesday and I could get away with a Wordless Wednesday post. I'm getting pretty over this 30 days of blogging every damn day. Although I like blogging and the challenge to keep it up, sometimes I'm tired don't have any idea what to say. 

Bai Yun the Panda at the San Diego Zoo. So cute!

So, I'm not gong to say much, I'm just going to share these adorable and cute photos of animals from a recent trip to the San Diego Zoo. Also, if you want lots of likes on Instagram, apparently you post a Panda picture. People are all about those Chinese Bears. 
A Polar Bear at the San Diego Zoo sitting around eating cantaloupe. Love this.
This Polar Bear was just sitting in the water eating her cantaloupe.
Look at this Red Panda just chilling at the San Diego Zoo. So many cure pictures here.
Red Panda.
Panda Bai Yun sound asleep in the trees at the San Diego Zoo. Love these animal pics!
Bai Yun, the Momma Panda. Sound asleep in a tree.
It wasn't all bears. There were also some less cuddly creatures too. These turtles were pretty neat. The snake neck ones are a little odd looking, but cool.

Turtles swimming at the San Diego Zoo. Love.
A ton of turtles swimming.
I had never heard of a Gharial before. They look like crazy crocodiles, and they are really interesting. The First Mate loved them.

Do you know what a Gharial is? It's this guy! Check out all these cool San Diego Zoo animals.
This Gharial is pretty cool.
These may look like crocs, but they are actually Gharials. Cool.
A group of Gharials.
One of our favorite places to visit at the Safari Park is Lorikeet Landing. You can feed these colorful birds with small cups of nectar. Sometimes they will all flock to you and land on your body. It's a blast, but you may get pooped on, so be prepared.

Have you ever fed the Lorikeets? They love nectar and you can feed them in Lorikeet Landing at the Safari Park.
Feeding a Lorikeet some nectar.
It's such a blast feeding the birds in Lorikeet Landing at the Safari Park.
The Captain feeding a Lorikeet while The First Mate stares in awe.

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