Monday, May 19, 2014

Shedding My Pirate Booty Week Thirty-Eight

My last time on the scale was rough and not something I had hoped to see. I was actually pretty nervous this week because I haven't had such a gain since I started 38 weeks ago. That being said, I worked hard this week. I completed the #2WeekChallenge and did well on calories (except for one meal).

Can you tell what day was my splurge day? See if it affected me on the scales.

I did pretty awesome on calories, actually when you look at the graph. Yesterday was more calories than I have eaten in a long time, but it was needed. We went out to dinner with friends because one of them is moving away. The Cheesecake Factory was the restaurant of choice, and you can't go there and NOT get cheesecake. It's just not right. The Captain and I made smart dinner choices, but the cheesecake through us over. We can't share either, because he doesn't like chocolate (I know that sounds INSANE, but I guess those people are real). I would rather it the one splurge item than waste calories on a low-fat cheesecake loaded with Splenda that I wouldn't even enjoy. Splurges are okay, if you just keep them splurges, not all-the-times.

Week Thirty-Eight Results: 

Calories Burned Exercising: 2988
Net Calories Consumed: 9424/9520
Weight Lost:  -4.5 lbs,  -59.5 lbs total
Current Weight:  168.5 lbs

So after all that worrying, I was AMAZED to see this number. I am not a weigh once a week and put away the scale person. I weigh daily to help keep me on track, but only have one official weigh-in day. This number was a total surprise. I had been showing just a mild loss, and never in the 160s! I am just pounds away from my original goal weight (which is totally not my goal weight anymore, but more on that another time).

You'd think I would take it easy this week because I had a big loss, but it actually motivates me more. I guess I love the high of see the weight drop that it drives me to keep going. I have a time frame in mind for hitting my goal, and right now I need to be losing 2.4 pounds per week to get there. That's a hefty goal, but I am still going to try. It's not the end of the world if I don't make it in that time frame, but it would be nice. I know, in the end, I'll get there.

All this got me thinking too:

What gets you motivated more, the ups or the downs in life?


  1. You go! This is awesome :)

  2. when do we get the blog post revealing your new mystery goal weight?!
    4.5 lbs is an amazing result for one week! kudos, my determined little sis!


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