Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sundays Should be for Sleep

So tired. Sundays Should be for Sleep |

That is pretty much how I feel today, and this week, and this life. I am tired. My tired is tired. This makes functioning as an actual human really hard. My day off would be a wonderful opportunity to get some rest, but instead I am being screamed at and kicked by a cranky toddler. Ah, relaxing.

The piled up tiredness certainly doesn't help my ability to deal with the crankiness. Or the kicks. So this week's Sunday Service is a bit less inspirational and a bit more real life. 

I know you've been there. Life is hard, even on your best day. So on your exhausted, leave me alone, so much to do, feeling bloated, don't want to leave the house kind of days you should really get something at the end of it. Because I'm certainly not getting rewarded with sleep. Where's my gold medal?

I didn't murder anyone today! This is a well deserved medal |

There it is!

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  1. My kids' motto seems to be 'Mama can sleep when she's dead!' Pretty sure they made up a schedule to take turns waking up in the middle of the night.


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