Friday, June 20, 2014

Citrus Lane June 2014 Box: Look at the Loot

Citrus Lane June 2014 Box

Last month's Citrus Lane box was a winner, so I wasn't really excited about this month's box arrival. Usually we don't get two AMAZING boxes in a row. Maybe that trend is broken though, because this was another box full of things we will use. Check out the details below.

Pirate Prerogative's Affiliate Disclosure

Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Citrus Lane. I do provide a referral link which gets me a $20 credit for anyone who orders a subscription through my link. The Amazon images go through my affiliate link, as I am a member of the Amazon affiliate program.Bumkins Monsters Green Wet Bag

Bumkins Wet Bag- Monsters Green Print

This was a perfect surprise that I noticed right as I opened the box. We have long been Bumkins fans since we lived in Arizona and shopped at one of their local stores. Then, the added bonus was seeing it was from the new Disney Baby collection. We received this cute Monsters Inc inspired print. I've seen all sorts of other prints that people received this month, and they are all adorable.
Retail: $9.86

Crocodile Creek Mini Shaped Puzzle

Crocodile Creek Mini Shaped Puzzle- Dump Truck

Loving this month's Citrus Lane surprises.
Anything truck related is approved by The First Mate, so this puzzle is a winner. It was the first thing (after the snack of course) that we pulled out of the box. He was able to put it together all by himself. He was also very quick to correct me that it wasn't a trash truck, but a dump truck.  
Retail: $8.20

Artivity Book in our Citrus Lane Box
Creativity for Kids Artivity Book

As The First Mate gets older, we are looking for more activities to keep him busy. I was a bit apprehensive about the markers, but if he's supervised I don't think he can do much harm. This book is a bit beyond his skill level right now, but they will be a good item for him to grow into. Each page has a problem to solve, like drawer a bridge to get to the other side, for example. 
Retail: $6.99
Episencial Peaceful Bubbles shampoo and bubble bath
Episencial Peaceful Bubbles

Somehow Citrus Lane always know when we need shampoo. Each time a bottle gets low, another one arrives in our next subscription box. Thanks for that. I haven't had to buy any in over a year. Episencial products are great for sensitive skin, but still effective. I know the addition of bubbles will be appreciated by my toddler.
Retail: $7.99
Plum Organics Mighty 4 Bars

Snacks are quickly spotted and snatched up by my 2 year old. Citrus Lane must know this because we had two snacks this month, blueberry with carrot and strawberry with spinach. These whole grain bars are made with fruit, veggies, and a but of yogurt. He liked them, and I liked that they were from a brand I trust, Plum Organics. These are new, so they aren't available from amazon yet. You can find them at
Retail: $1.66

Third Love Coupon

I've ranted about my dislike for coupons enough in these review, but there was another one for Third Love, which specializes in bras and undergarments. As someone who has worked in that industry for nearly 9 years, I have no need to shop with them. I am, however, happy they are doing their part to get women in the right bras. Seriously y'all, 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Get measured (somewhere that doesn't have a secret) and liberate your boobs. This coupon is a good value, but still of no use to me.
Retail: $20 of a purchase of $40 or more

Another great box from Citrus Lane. This one totals $54.70 with the coupon, so $34.70 in actual product. That's a moderate savings off the monthly price of $29/month. However, there are tons of ways to get a box for less than that. The longer of a subscription you sign up for, the less expensive the box. If you are still hesitant to subscribe even after my reviews for the past year and a half, there is still a way to save. Sign up through my referral link and you'll save 50% off your fist box. That mean you can get some great items like we received for just $14.50! That's an absolute value. 

See you next month.

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