Monday, June 16, 2014

Shedding My Pirate Booty Week Forty-Two

This week of Shedding My Pirate Booty is the aftermath of vacation. The Captain and I took over a week off work to spend some time as a family, do things around the house, and enjoy our city. A big part of that involved hitting up all of the local food that we never make it to. Then add in the San Diego Fair and Father's Day brunch, and you've got an over the top food extravaganza. Basically, I spent vacation eating. 

I was doing well and not feeling guilty up until about Thursday. I had been eating over my calories, but still tracking things. It was the fair that got me off track. I didn't know how to calculate some of the food and my phone battery was running low. I didn't track at the fair, and never got around to it at home. I literally collapsed in bed and went to sleep exhausted that night.

Riding the Mack Trucks at the fair.

I had continued to weigh myself often and the scale was staying the same. That was until after the fair, then it moved up. I think that combined with losing the discipline to track my food just sent me off the rails. Well that, and ice cream. 

So without proper tacking, my results numbers are a bit off. I failed at getting to 10,000 steps probably everyday this week, but my FitBit didn't seem to sync a day as well. I did get in a mini run, but my normal activity level was just so low. I cleaned the bejeezus out of the house, vacuumed, shampooed carpets, moved furniture, and other things that got me some exercise too.

Week Forty-Two Results: 

Calories Burned Exercising: 179?
Net Calories Consumed: TOO MANY/9450
Weight Lost:  +3 lbs,  -59.5 lbs total
Current Weight:  168.5 lbs

Yes, a gain. I actually saw numbers much higher than this throughout the week. Here's a tip, if you think it'll be fun to see what you weigh after brunch, it's not. Not fun at all. I am slightly disappointed because it's a set back, but I have mixed feelings.

Vacations are a time to take a break from regularly scheduled life. That's exactly what we did, and we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves. At no point did I ever feel this was taking me off course to my goal weight it. I just took a break to be resumed today. 

I'm quite happy to get back to my salads and snacks actually. My stomach is a bit angry at me. I also know that this week will probably bring a good drop on the scale from jump starting my diet and routine again. Well, if that isn't ruined by mother nature showing up to remind me it sucks being a woman.

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