Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Mom Thing is Serious

I was just chatting with a friend the other day about motherhood and where life has taken us. I pointed out that no matter how much someone tells you "becoming a parent will completely change you life" you just don't realize that it literally changes YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! I mean every aspect has been affected since I had The First Mate. 

It starts with wanting to have a baby. Suddenly you start caring about your ovulation schedule and things you never mattered to track about your body's behavior before. Then you conceive and you care about doctors, birthing options, over the belly or under the belly maternity pants, foods you shouldn't eat, which stroller is best, what cloth diapers to use, where to place the crib, the list goes on and on. Then this tiny wrinkled old man of a baby shows up and you change even more. You see, once that little person joins your family, everything you do affects them, so you want to do better. 

I never imagined 3 years ago that I would be eating chia seeds, spreading my natural deodorant on with a wooden stick, and brushing my teeth with clay. This is my new normal, and although it may not seem at all related to parenting, it is. I want to eat better, be healthier, use better products, make my family safer, and all around change the world so my child will grow up in a better place. It's a full time job to navigate all of these things. Someone should just have an event where they cater to natural parents who need to see and learn about all these things that are now all they ever think about in between diaper changes and trashed living rooms. 

And then I discovered they do-- It's MommyCon! 

What's MommyCon, you ask? MommyCon is a convention focused on modern families and natural parenting. There are numerous speakers (over a dozen) in addition to great products and shopping, workshops, and even more. It's a place to bring like-minded families together to learn and grow. Here's an idea of what you can expect:

It'a ultimately a mom-lebrity bash. By that I mean, it's full speakers who are celebrities in the mom (and dad) world. Speakers like Alanis Morissette, Jessica Martin-Weber (The Leaky Boob), Jamie Grayson (The Baby Guy), and Jennifer Labit, who I'll call the actual cloth diaper genius herself. Check out the full list of speakers and the follow the MommyCon facebook page for further updates on who will be attending the last two MommyCon events.

I'll be attending this year (yay) and I'd love to see some of you there. I'm a MommyCon affiliate, so if you use my coupon code PIRATEMOMMY you can save 10% of your admission! MommyCon Philadelphia is October 5th and MommyCon Newport Beach is November 1st. 

Purchase you tickets here: MommyCon Events

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