Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Change is the Only Constant

Change is the Only Constant- Why fear it?

Have you ever stopped to contemplate life, past and present, and just been dumbfounded by it all? I admit, I don't usually have time to sit and think. I mean I have a wild three year old boy, more dogs than I need snorting around me, multiple jobs, a boy band to keep updated on, and I still have to eat and sleep somewhere in between. But today I thought.

I wasn't intending on being reflective, I was just the perfect moment for it. I'm leaving my day job of nearly 10 years, and it made me think about change.

No matter how comfortable or routine our lives become, things always change. We age and grow, though it seems slow. We only notice it when we get tagged in a throwback Thursday photo that we wish the internet never saw. Our children age quicker, perhaps to remind us how precious time is. Our neighborhoods, jobs, and dreams change too. Think about your dreams as a child and your dreams now. I'm pretty sure 5 year old me wasn't dreaming of a well funded 401K and a work-life balance. Nope, I wanted to fly just by jumping in the air and to raise wild jungle cats. Seriously.

But silly (although pretty kickass) dreams aside, there is a something to take out of this.
No matter how controlled, routine, and repetitive our daily lives may seem, things WILL change. -Me
So, if change is so constant, why do we fear it so much? Why does the thought of starting a new job (or choosing to leave a job) make us panic, sweat, and kind of freak out? Why is moving to a new place scary? Shouldn't it be seen as an adventure and a new life experience?

I fully recognize that I am not like everyone else in most facets of life. I don't get embarrassed, I have never seen Titanic or The Notebook, hugs make me feel like I'm covered in spiders, I'm just different. And I've always been different in my view of change. I mean I change my hair color practically as much as I change my underwear.

I welcome change, and I actually crave it. If things aren't changing in my life, I feel lost. I chalk it up to moving a lot as a kid. No, I wasn't a military brat, my dad just worked retail and was willing to relocate. I've moved a lot and had to leave friends and make new ones time and again. Once we rooted ourselves in San Diego when I was 12 or so, I quickly planned my next change. I set a goal to buy a VW Bus and move out on my own at the age of 16. I regretfully never did accomplish that goal, and the only reason that I say regretfully is because how awesome of a story would that be, right? As I grew up in a stable household and attended the same schools for my teenage years, my addiction to change was fed with my appearance. I was constantly reinventing myself.

VW bus
That could've been home.

Once I entered the adult world I fell back into the comfortable pattern of moving every 1-2 years. I still never developed a love for the act of moving though. Packing is not my strong suit. As my life begins to settle in in San Diego again for the long haul, I guess the need for change popped back up. Naturally, I left my job to start a new. That's where this revelation came in. I'm not feeling sad, or nervous, or scared really. At first I thought I was just dead inside. Then I realized that I am okay with change. That I need it. That it's what I've come to know.

By welcoming change, we open up our lives to grow into something we never dreamed of--or better something we always dreamed of. -Me again

Now don't let my crunchy ways and talk of change and dreams make you think I some hippie just letting the wind guide me. Nope. I'm still a control freak who needs to plan things out complete with plan A, B, and break glass in case of emergenCy. So I feel even more in control when I take control of change. It's like I'm Zeus grabbing a lightening bolt from the sky, or whatever he did. When life gets too predictable, I mix it up and beat the Universe to the punch. Change is inevitable, so don't fight it.

So, what's something you've been afraid to change? Why haven't you? Maybe it's time to take that step.

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