Me - Quartermaster

I'm Elizabeth. A sarcastic nerd who is constantly changing hairstyles. I love my son, husband, and sometimes my pugs. Also, not a fan of hugs and sitting next to strangers at the movies. I love food, running, of course Pirates, anything with skulls and Disney. I also blog (more often) at Mamavation

Photo Courtesy of Joel Zwink @ Zwink Photography
Husband - The Captain
A walking contradiction of tattoos but a fear of needles, an Italian who hates tomatoes, and a badass beard with a sweet cuddly core. He knows everyone everywhere and can beat you at Disney trivia. He is also a craft beer connoisseur.

Son- The First Mate
A feisty toddler who knows what he wants and will make you get it for him. If it has wheels, it's the coolest thing he's ever seen. His room is a Pirate wonderland, as it should be. He remembers every damn train he owns, so his parents can never pair down his collection. If he's hungry or needs a nap, take cover. Giver of the best hugs ever and has great personal style. He has been to Disneyland more times than most adults.

Pugs- Sea Dogs
Everyone's favorite, so don't feel bad for thinking it. A daredevil who demands personal space with a swift kick. He snores like a bear and disappears in darkness like a ninja. No, we didn't paint the white spots on his fur, he came that way. His middle name is Bernard. He will look at you while he gets into trouble. He lost hearing in one ear, so he got more adorable with a sideways head tilt. Frequent coma taker.
Resident princess with serious dragon breath. She will not move unless it's necessary, and she will try to make you carry her first. If you touch her, she will get as close to you as possible, and then try to get closer. She takes ages and 26 spins to pee. If you put clothes on her, she will attack them. She gets into puppy mode when she sets foot on sand. If you make her touch water she is convinced she will die. 

Late to the pug party and joined the family when we lived in Phoenix. Her nails grow straight out like a sloth. She never relaxes and she may never sleep either. She had a small head and a giant tongue that really isn't compatible. Her tongue can't stay in her mouth now that she's lost some teeth. She has no grasp of personal space and will trample you. Luckily she is the lightest of the bunch. She will convince you she's starving, even if she just ate. She barks at everything.